Tackling Blood Cancer

The Need

Blood cancer is a type of cancer that can affect your blood cells and the reproduction of cells in the bone marrow. There is a variety of different of blood cancers that someone can be affected by as highlighted in the table below. currently 40,000 people are diagnosed with a blood cancer each year, and currently over quarter of a million people are currently living with blood cancer in the UK.

A patient going through blood transfusions for a blood cancer can need upwards of 150 blood donations, depending on the extent and nature of treatment, and the UK needs over 1.6m pints annually, so the need for blood donors is just as critical to patients survival.
A stem cell donation can often be the only chance a person suffering from blood cancer can have to save them dying in a short period of time.40% of stem cell donors worldwide are male but 70% of stem cell transplant recipients are men and younger males make up just 7% of registered donors in the UK. So, rugby players can fulfil this need.

About Blood Cancers

The video below gives you some information from one of our partners DKMS

The table below gives you a brief summary of the main groups of blood cancers however there are many more of these. Each kind of blood cancer in the table also has several different types within it. Blood cancers can also often be called acute or chronic. Acute is described as a rapidly growing cancer and chronic is a slower growing cancer.

Type of Blood CancerEffects
This affects blood cells in your bone marrow and can prevent the body making new healthy blood cells. There are also several kinds of Leukaemia.
lymphomaThis effects white blood cells (lymphocytes) which is a key part of the immune system to fight infections.
myelomamyeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, is a cancer of the bone marrow which targets the plasma cells which are also used to fight off infections.

You can find out more about blood cancer and its effects at the DKMS and Blood Cancer UK websites.