Join the Premiership

If the Rugby club that you are part of would like to join the Bloody Rugby Premiership and help us scrum down against blood cancer, then you can get an authorised committee member to complete the form below to register

On behalf of the above-mentioned club, we hereby agree to becoming a Partner Club of Bloody Rugby. We will do all we can to help them meet their Purpose: “To raise awareness of blood cancer in the rugby community, and harness rugby’s camaraderie to increase the donation of stem cells and blood”. And their Vision: “For rugby players throughout Scotland to recognise that their fitness, health and teamwork is of great value to those with blood cancers” By living their Values of: Teamwork Selflessness Support. We also agree to Bloody Rugby promoting us as a partner club in any of their publicity.
General Data Protection Regulation Bloody Rugby take the privacy of our ambassador’s data seriously and will only use your personal information for administration purposes of the organisation and for communicating with you about our business and events. Only authorised office bearers within the organisation will be able to access your details. The organisation will not share your personal data with any third parties, without prior permission.