About Us

Our Purpose

“To raise awareness of blood cancer in the rugby community, and harness rugby’s camaraderie to increase the donation of stem cells and blood”.

Our Vision

“For rugby players to recognize that their fitness, health and teamwork is of great value to those with blood cancers”.

How we make this a reality

  • By increasing and sustaining a high level of stem cell donation to DKMS from the rugby community
  • By increasing and sustaining the level of blood and platelet donations made by the rugby community
  • By increasing awareness of blood cancer including the signs, effects and treatment
  • By raising awareness of the support available for blood cancers and other cancers
  • By supporting other organisations who are raising awareness of cancers in the rugby community
  • By supporting those with blood cancers on a one-to-one basis

How it started

Bloody Rugby came about when two rugby friends both learned about the effects of blood cancer in a different Way. Gareth learned about the impact of donating stem cells and Alan was diagnosed with Leukaemia and learned about the impact of this first hand. They both chatted about their own experiences and were shocked on the amount of awareness of blood cancers and lack of stem cell/blood donations, as a result of this decided to set up Bloody Rugby and asked another friend Keith to get involved to offer guidance and help connect with the Rugby Community


Teamwork: All rugby players know the value of teamwork.
Selflessness: “It’s better to give than to receive”
Support: As front rowers we know how important support is..